Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Birthday Party

I did a Peter Rabbit theme for Alex's birthday. I found some new garden items at craft stores that I'll use in the dining room all spring, especially the moss table runner. I saw the galvanized tin watering can at Michael's during a last-minute craft run Friday afternoon, and was glad that local florist Flowerbuds in Cahaba Heights was able to put together a gorgeous bouquet in 30 minutes.

Alex loved his very first cupcake. At first he took tiny bites but then he went all in, with cake in both fists.

The design for the cupcakes was from the Hello, Cupcake! book. I made the veggies out of candies in stages last week. Cornflakes coated in green-tinted canned frosting made the leaves. For the garden trellis, I found a Martha Stewart punch that was just perfect. I'm excited about using it on cards later.


  1. Adorable party! But you mean that was his very first cupcake of the day, right? Not his very first cupcake...of his life?!?

  2. Hey! Do you remember which candies you used to make the candies?